By James Raia

5 things you must do to keep your dog well groomed

Dogs are some of the best pets anyone could ask for. Many people have dogs because of their energy, loyalty, love, and overall happiness they bring to your home. However, some people fail to understand that, just like we care for ourselves and our hygiene, we should do the same with our dogs. Dogs can be relatively clean animals, but they can’t be properly clean without some help from us as owners. There are multiple things that we should keep in mind to make sure our dog is properly sanitized, more than just giving them a shower or grooming their coat. Below, we go over five essential things every dog owner ought to do to keep them clean.

Brush, brush, brush

Your dog’s hair is perhaps the most important thing you should care for, particularly if your dog has a medium or medium-long coat of hair. Your pets spend a lot of time outside, and even if you keep them indoors, they can get dirty really quickly during their routine walks. Their hair can gather dust, pollen, and dirt, so a daily brush can keep all that dirt from accumulating, as well as keeping your dog’s coat from matting.

Trim or grind your dog’s nails regularly

Not many people pay attention to their dogs’ nails. Some owners believe that the nails get naturally trimmed from friction while walking, or that it is not that big of a deal to keep them untrimmed because they don’t bother dogs. This could not be farther from the truth. Owners need to regularly check their dogs for abnormally long nails or irregularities. Take care of them with a dog nail trimmer or with a dog nail grinder if that makes it easier for both of you.

Be mindful of fleas and ticks

Not grooming and brushing your dog’s coat can quickly make them develop bad odor that can, in turn, attract bugs and pests. Among the most common ones that often follow dogs, we can find flies, fleas, and ticks. With all of them, you have to be careful not to let them get out of control, but particularly the latter two. Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to your dog and family, reason for which you should always keep handy the best flea medicine for your dog.

Wash your dog’s teeth too!

Just like us, dogs need to take care of their teeth to make sure they don’t break or fall out. Dental hygiene is important for dogs, but luckily it is just as intuitive as it is with us. Brushing or washing their teeth regularly to some extent can be enough for them to enjoy a full set of teeth without any major issues down the line. You can use a literal brush or your finger to get to all of your dog’s teeth.

Check unsuspected parts for dirt

Last but not least, dogs are just like people, in the sense that they accumulate dirt in the most unsuspected places. Every once in a while, check your dog thoroughly for any signs of unkempt areas. The most likely parts you are neglecting during your clean-ups might be the ears and their paws. You can save your dog some great discomfort by checking their paws and ears after walks in search of any foreign objects aren’t stuck there.