By James Raia


jamesFor more than 25 years, James Raia has traveled the world to write about unique sporting events, athletes and topics from vintage wristwatches to innkeepers in the French Alpes.

A veteran daily newspaper reporter, Raia now writes syndicated running and cycling columns and is the editor and publisher of two electronic newsletters, Endurance Sports News and Tour de France Times. His interest in endurance sports and the athletes who participate in them fostered Raia’s personal interest in long-distance running. He has completed more than 65 marathons and ultramarathons.

As a journalist, Raia has written about dozens of endurance athletes for publication – Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong to five-time Olympic speedskating gold medalist Eric Heiden and nine-time New York City Marathon winner Grete Waitz to multiple world cycling champion Jeannie Longo.

While traveling to more than a dozen countries on assignment, he has covered the Winter Olympics, the Tour de France, the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, a golf tournament in Morocco, long-distance running in Finland and track cycling in Japan.

With bylined articles throughout his career in varied publications – Golf Magazine to The New York Times, People Magazine to Modern Maturity and USA Today to the Miami Herald – Raia currently contributes sports, lifestyle, business and travel articles to numerous newspapers, magazines, new services and web sites.

Raia, 48, lives in Sacramento, Calif. with Gretchen Gaither, a teacher and artist, and their two cats.

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