By James Raia

Best mushroom night light designs

It has been stated by many people that having a source of light in your room at night really improves the quality of your sleep, as opposed to sleeping in the dark. And what better design for your night light than a glowing mushroom? On Amazon, you can find plenty of options for mushroom shaped night lights. Using such a product will give your room a fantasy forest feel, helping you relax more and feel more in touch with nature.

There are several things to consider when buying a new night light, to make sure it fits your room aesthetic, blends in with the space and also good for your vision issues. For example, a lamp that fits on your nightstand is a great idea, but if you don’t have the space, then you could consider buying a plug-in led lamp as well.

Best mushroom night lights

Below, you can see what the most recommended options for a mushroom night light are on Amazon, so you can make a decision based on your preferences.

  • Ausaye LED Night Light

This night light features a cool design, of a large mushroom which can be plugged into any socket in your room. It emits a colourful light, very soft, warm and relaxing, so that you will not be bothered by it. The colours change between 7 different options, so you can choose what fits your preferences best. It can be used for any occasions, not just during your sleep: you can use it as ambiental light for your living room, for the outdoors (if you happen to have a socket somewhere), or it can be used by cafe’s to improve the atmosphere.

  • Ausaye 4-pack Night Light

This is another great product, more versatile than the first due to it coming in a pack of four silicone plug-in small lamps. Not only is it good for personal use, but you can plug them in in more than one room or, why not, even give one away as a gift. The design features smaller mushrooms and plants, reminiscent of a forest mushroom patch, giving you that forest feel in any room you use it. The lamp has very low energy consumption, even though it automatically turns on at sunset and turns off at dawn, shining a soft, colourful light for the whole duration of the night. The fact that they are very small makes them very portable, so you can take them with you on a holiday as well, if you want to keep that romantic feel.

  • In My Room Moonlight Mushroom

This design is very different from the other two, as it not a plug-in lamp but a lamp you can place on your nightstand or desk. Shaped as a mushroom, this lamp features a mushroom head designed to create an incredibly magical light show on your walls and ceiling. With 8 different colour schemes to choose from, you can have light shaped as flowers and leaves projected in your room, making you feel like you are part of a fantasy story.

There is no reason not to want to feel like a princess in your own fairy tale, and for that you can always use a mushroom night light.