By James Raia

Get Rid of Mold for Good

Mold is Dangerous

The only thing I like seeing mold on is blue cheese! I am one of those people who completely freak out at the slightest sign of a mold infestation. And, sometimes, it’s very difficult to keep mold under control. We can only do our best to air out the house every day and use dehumidifiers to wick out the moisture from the air, but some places are a bit harder to keep a watchful eye on. Garages and bathrooms are areas where mold cultures seem to love hanging out. And once the first black, round dot appears, you can be sure it won’t stop growing until you completely nuke it out of existence. The faster we get the job done, the lesser the chances that we get to experience the nasty side effects of breathing in mold spores. At best, these spores cause bad allergic reactions or respiratory diseases, such as asthma. However, high concentrations of mold can lead to neurological issues and, in very extreme cases, death. It’s no laughing matter. We have no time to play around with watered-down solutions, as those will only get rid of the unsightly marks, leaving behind the spore culture which will bring the problem back a couple of days later. The cycle will repeat until, inevitably, some of the mold particles get on your bedsheets and on your clothes, making you and your house smell like an old, dusty attic.

How to Kill Mold

Most mold removal products on the market simply do not cut it when dealing with a stubborn fungus that doesn’t want to give up easily. It gets even more complicated when we take into account how many different types of molds exist in close proximity to us. Before you do anything else, you need to address the root of the issue: the dampness in your home. If your shower tends to get quite humid, make sure you properly ventilate the bathroom for at least a few hours every single day. If your kitchen walls get steamy, look into installing a small extractor fan or a dehumidifying machine. After you do all that, it’s time to eradicate the mold for good. Handyman’s Garage is a website that has some amazing tips on general maintenance and home improvement. Luckily for us, they’ve compiled a list of the best mold removers on the market right now. They give short, but detailed descriptions of each product, so you can assess the situation and choose the best one for you. Like I said earlier, no two mold infestations are the same. If you have a minimal problem in your home, it makes little sense to bust out the industrial-grade cleaner that will most definitely kill your houseplants along with the spore culture. However, if your situation is extremely dire, you might benefit from getting the strongest disinfectant money can buy. If you’re on the prowl for a good, reliable cleaner – or just want to be prepared in case the need arises – be sure to check out the best mold killer product according to Handyman’s Harage!